Thursday, June 19, 2014

T minus 24 hours

The countdown is down to about 24 hours!  I have my bags packed, reviewing documents for the study tour, and most importantly I have my passport ready!  I'll be flying to Washington, DC tomorrow to meet with colleagues for the TOP study tour to Germany.  A year ago, I was in Charleston, WV celebrating the 150th birthday of the state and this year I will be in the nation's capitol.

In Washington, we will be having orientation sessions which include getting to know each, expectations, basic language, and reviewing our itinerary.  We will also have some time to wander around the city.

Then, we will be flying out for a 10 hour flight.  This shouldn't be a problem for me since I been on flights that were longer, but there is always the anxiety of thinking do I have everything I need.

Last evening, I contacted a friend who went on this study tour a few years ago and I was popping out questions.  So this morning I bought a compact travel iron and a power converter.  I didn't intend to bring either, but since I have to look somewhat decent, I shouldn't have wrinkled clothes.

I am also taking gifts for our hosts.  So I purchased some items at Tygart Lake State Park and some promotional items for West Virginia tourism.

I will try to update this blog over the next couple of weeks and add photos on Facebook.  I am not sure when I'll have access to wireless internet in Germany, but I'll make an effort to jot down notes and then post when I'm able to.

 Attached are photos from the orientation session in Washington, D.C. at the Goethe Institut.

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