Sunday, June 22, 2014

From Rosemont to Washington to Frankfurt!

On Friday morning, I left my house and travelled less than 10 minutes to my local airport that has a direct flight to Washington Dulles.  I got there and discovered that the flight was delayed from 10:28 to 11:35.  They didn't tell us there, we found out by emails from United Airlines.  It wasn't too bad of a wait for me since I didn't have a connecting flight, but others did and there was a former student of mine who was on that flight who had to make changes.

Different types of schools in Germany
Criteria for workshop when we return
I finally got into Dulles and I had arrangements to take a SuperShuttle to the Hampton Inn Convention Center in Washington D.C.  We had our first meeting at Geothe Institut at 4:30.   My room wasn't ready until 3:00.  I got my room and rested a few minutes and then walked a couple of blocks around Chinatown (not so Asian anymore), went to the National Portrait Museum, and made my way to the Institut.  There were met about 30 people who were participating in two groups and we had get to know you sessions and a basic vocabulary lesson.  I think we should had access to an online tutorial ahead if time and I'll put this in my feedback at the end of the tour.  We finished up the evening with dinner at Asian Spice restaurant where I had Bulgogi (Korean beef barbecue) that reminded me of my Korea study tour and I had coconut ice cream.  Yum!  We then had time on our own and I walked to the National Mall to the Washington Monument.  It was a beautiful evening.

Current Events
Diagram of different types of schools in Germany
Saturday morning we dragged our luggage a block to the Goethe Institut and had a rules presentation and the criteria of what we have to do after the study tour.  We have to lead a two hour workshop and write a lesson plan.  We also has a primer of German issues today and then a deli style lunch.  We left about 2:30 on a bus to get to Dulles by bus.  We already had boarding passes printed off before going to the airport and dropped off our luggage at the counter.  We got through TSA and didn't even have to take off our shoes!

We had a 747-8 jet for our flight with USB ports and Tv/movies/radio.  It was an 8 hour flight and I was one seat inboard on the center aisle.  Good meal of Mac and Cheese and a breakfast snack.  No problems with turbulence.  We landed and Frankfurt has a nice airport on the inside.  We go through the terminal and after a while finally get to a kiosk to get our passports stamped by the Federal Police.  Picked up our luggage and didn't have to deal with customs after that.  That was the easiest customs process I've ever experienced.  We them made our way to our separate groups to our busses and headed to the north to Trier!

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