Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Post 4 - Wine Country Tuesday 6/24

We travelled by bus for about an hour to Bernkastel-Kues to a vocational training school for viniculture, vintner, and coopers.  The students had a presentation prepared for us in German and English about their 2013 Vintage Riesling wine and explained the process of producing the wine.  They gave us a sample of the wine and then the students left.  The instructors stayed behind and talked about the school, which has been around for 110 years but was in a fairly new building.  They took us into the areas of oriduction.  I wasn't happy with the lack of interaction with students,   I thought the students would be demonstrating different things related to the wine industry.

We then walked across the bridge to a very picturesque town in the edge of the Mosel a River.  There we finally had our first German meal as an organized group.  I had "cordon blue" schnitzel.  It was quite tasty!  We then went to the slopes behind the town looking at details of the vineyards with one of the instructors from the morning.  It is awfully hard work and they use migrant workers such as Polish workers we saw.  One of them had a Steelers jacket in their van!  We returned to the town to look around and shop.  This is such a pretty post card town with all kinds of nooks and crannies!  Lots of cozy little restaurants, shops, and hotels in the the town.  This is a stop for one of those River cruises like Viking.  The William Shakespeare ship was docked and could hear British accents in the town.

We returned end back to Trier for one last evening and I w allied around the market and bought a book at a bookstore.  It was written by Mark Twain called "The Awful German Language."  It is a bilingual book so I can read it both in English and German.  I also discovered an Aldi store.  Looks just like in Ameirca.  Most of the stores close at 7 p.m. And they are closed on Sundays as are most retail establishments in Germany.

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