Thursday, June 26, 2014

Post 6 Germany versus USA Thursday, June 26

Today we went to Paul-Julius-Reuter Berufskolleg to see the types of vocational programs that are offered in business and economics field.  A program they described is one that was like the former Distributive Cooperative Training programs in West Virginia.  The German program allows students schooling two days a week and work the rest of the time in works places and even earning wages while learning about a specific business.  Another program they had was training in other are was if the European Union.  We then went to a classroom where the was a student who talked about his program.  He was 33 years old and interning at a firm that specializes in a British motor car parts.   We also received a tour of a computer lab and chemistry lab.

We went to what was a hit spring in Aachen and had lunch ther.  I had a meal that reminded me of Spam, with a fried egg and fried potatoes.  We then took a tour of Aachen central city learning that Charlemagne had a cathedral built and is buried in it.  The cathedral was expanded in the 1400s with a gothic style additions.  This month, there are relics displayed that  were gifts from Jersusalem to Charlemagne and had been put on display every 7 years since 1349.    There was also another building that Chalremagne had built for his royal court.  This was a magnificent structure in itself but also has been rebuilt since Charlemagne's times and was partially destroyed in World War II.

Following the tour we had, we waited about 45 minutes in queue at the cathedral to view the relics.  There are pilgrims from Germany, and even Poland and Hungary.  In the line, I had a cloth placed on what is seen as the swaddling cloth of Jesus.  Other items include the John the Baptist's beheading cloths robe of Mary, and Jesus' loin cloth.

We returned to then hotel and left to watch the a Germany -USA World Cup game at a soccer stadium via velar be screen TV.  It was fun to watch but soccer isn't my game,  when we leftm people were celebrating by honking their horns on the streets.

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