Friday, June 27, 2014

Post 7 the German speaking community of Belguim and moving onto Cologne.

We left Aachen this morning and over the border.  We went to a location where we can step in three countries at the same time.  They are Germany, Belguim, and the Netherlands.  We then ventured onto a city in Belguim called Eupin.  This is a German speaking community in Belguim.  There are over 75,000 German speakers in Belguim.  The other spoken languages in Belguim are French and Dutch.  In the city we stopped off at the office of an inter regional agency that coordinates hundreds of programs and millions of Euros on a yearly basis by working with various countries.  The presentation was kind of week due to the language barrier, but we got the intent of the presentation.

We then had lunch at the Ratkeller in town.  I had weinerschnitzel and pomme fries.  We had a tour through the town with the town's history and status as the center of German speaking Belguim,  there was a great church and a textile industry there for a while.  We then went to a supermarket that is the parent company of Food Lion and they use the same logo.  Then off to Cologne.

I slept my way to Cologne as I was very tired.  We checked into a small hotel called Hotel Bristol.  We then walked around  a few blocks.  The area is known for nightclubs so we saw lines of young people lining to go into clubs.  I ended up eating a slice of pizza from a Middle Eastern joint.  1€ pizza is pretty good!  We met up at the hotel and we went to the restaurant/nightclub our guide is sometimes a DJ at.  It is on the 30th floor of the tallest building in the city and we went to the terrace.  It was cloudy but we could see almost everything to about 50 kilometers around including the sights of the city, industrial areas, and Bonn which is about 30 km away.  A few of us left and went downstairs and it absolutely poured down rain.  Fortunately our hotel was about 500 meters away and we were drenched.  I put newspapers in my shoes overnight so I'll see how they turned out!

Off to the cathedral tomorrow!

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